About Me

All my life Art has been a part of me. I never attended an art college nor did my school have art lessons. However, my mother was an artist at heart and she had a heart large enough to share. She would set me down right next to her, with my own little paint tubes (as I wanted my paints to look like her's) and would show me various strokes and techniques. As she would paint her own heart out I followed and did the same. 

After devoting much of my life to traditional careers in the corporate sector, I decided to take a leap of faith and embrace what calls my heart. I have had the pleasure of being brought up in an ever changing environment,from spending my childhood predominantly in Pakistan, America and the United Kingdom; it is here from where I take inspiration for my art. Having traveled to various other countries as well, my art is a conscious portrayal of the world and its varying cultures through usage of different mediums and techniques to bring out the beauty of the world as I have perceived it.